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Hi, my name is Tamara, and I love my job. Probably, this is my shortest characteristics.=)

I started my journey to event planning being a marketer and specializing in digital and experiential part of it. After developing and executing over a thousand marketing and advertising initiatives, organizing dozens of events and producing a community-based trade show, I realized that the most favorite thing of mine is to plan and manage the event from the early stage until the very last second of the actual function.

My primary goal is to make my client happy whether you want to celebrate an important date with your family or accomplish your business goal. My task is to make your road easier and let you focus on the things that are important to you.

Just to give you some perspective on who I am, here are 3 major things that keep me going every day besides my family:

◬ Traveling. So far I have been to 27 countries all around the world and continue exploring marvelous Canada.

◬ Learning. Firmly believe that in today’s fast-changing world constant learning is an absolute ‘must’. So educational videos, podcasts, events, inspiring personal stories are regular parts of my days.

◬ Reading. I absolutely cannot imagine my life without reading. If I’m not working, I’m probably reading either a book or an article. But, of course, every once in awhile I do enjoy some Netflix or Game of Thrones;)




Event Planning


Event Coordination


Project Management

Why TG Events?

We specialize in face-to-face experiences and provide exceptional service and outstanding ideas.

We do it differently

We believe that there is no predefined way how a wedding or a fundraising event should roll-out.

All things events

We work on all event types transferring our experience and knowledge from one field to another.

Events at any scale

We do not have limits on the event size. Our primary purpose is to execute best ideas on the highest level.

How We Can Help You

Want to get more information on packages and investments? Check services we provide.


Whether you want a small intimate dinner or a large wedding, we are here to help you.


Any corporate event has its purpose and goal. We plan and execute for you to succeed.


You deserve to enjoy your family function even when you are a host.